DR. D’S Travel Pillow PLUS
DR. D’S Travel Pillow PLUS
DR. D’S Travel Pillow PLUS

DR. D’S Travel Pillow PLUS


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DOCTOR D'S - Travel Pillow PLUS - 1 Pillow
  • Dr. D’s Travel Pillow + Plus Contoured High Density Memory Foam
  • Conforms to and cradles your neck, head, shoulders, jaw and facial regions providing optimal support and comfort
  • Prevents ”bobbing” of the head and maintains a neutral posture, reducing strain on muscles/joints.
  • Alleviates pressure points associates with neck pain and headaches
  • Maintains shape and support throughout and does not require continuous
  • adjustment
  • Returns to original shape after every use

The Cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes,
allowing for better moisture absorption and ventilation. Great for patients with respiratory sensitivities or asthma. Hoodie” Design Provided extra comfort and warmth allowing for more restful sleep or travel.

Eliminates triggers such as light and sound sensitivity, helping to alleviate migraine and headache pain.

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